Gourmet Cupcakes

gourmet Cupcakes

Our range of gourmet cupcakes will have you and your guests salivating and are the perfect statement piece for any type of celebration.  

Gourmet cupcakes are sold by the dozen, the minimum order qty for our gourmet cupcakes is 1 dozen per flavour. 


Vanilla Cake-Cream Sundae

Our Vanilla Cake-Cream Sundae’s are so cute and are a delightful treat for any party or celebration.

A light and moist vanilla bean cupcake filled with home-made Strawberry jam, topped with a scoop of our decadent vanilla frosting. 

Each cupcake is topped with a chocolate ganache drizzle, sprinkles & nut combo and is finished off with a maraschino cherry.


More flavours coming very soon….